Postcode Programming API  .NET Assembly Reseller Functions

Create an account and assign you as the reseller. It can link your own Reseller account to a customer so you get commission on ALL purchases.

Internal Use

For Internal Use (All Desktop Software and Web Software used internally within a company) ?r=I&id=4

Where 4 is your reseller ID

External Use

or For External Use (All Web Software used by customer)

Where 4 is your reseller ID


Where 4 is your reseller ID

This will allow the customer to open an account with us. They will then get an e-mail with their own data key on it, for the particular license type above.

“Customer Reseller Portal” giving you total control

We offer a Reseller Web Service, to allow resellers to create customer accounts for an instant 30 day evaluation. Then when ready to do so, purchase the license. Thus allowing zero administration. See "Customer Reseller Portal" section of online help.

This is ideal for resellers who want to offer our services as part of an online software package. Using this the whole offering can be automated.

  Please note it is a requirement of the Royal Mail that each individual legal customer have their own account, and licenses must be bought under those accounts.

Reseller Customer Management Example Code 

Simply download the example code.   The code is in the "Reseller/VBNET Manager Customer Accounts" directory of our example downloads.

This example demonstrates our reseller portal, used to manage customers and Postcode software Licenses.