Postcode Programming API  Simply Postcode Software .NET Assembly

The .NET Assembly can be used with Micorsoft .NET, to quickly provide Postcode Address Lookup Software functionality and Nearest Store locator Ideal for Microsoft .NET C#, Microsoft .NET Visual Basic

SOAP Web Service Offers

Examples with full source code are included for Microsoft .NET C#, Microsoft .NET Visual Basic.

The .NET Assembly can also be used in "Local Mode", which means local data instead of our Web based data server. Ideal for .NET till solutions when no internet connection is possible or intermittent connection. 

.NET Assembly Features

The .NET Assembly has the following features:

  • Daily updated Data from Royal Mail
  • "Out of the box" Bespoke Desktop Postcode Address Search solution
  • Quick and Simple to add Full Address Search, by using implemented User Interface
  • Offers full access to all data we provide (Full/Thoroughfare/Geographic Longitude and Latitude)
  • Offers Advanced Word Search (Wildcard) when using implemented User Interface
  • Simply include .NET Assembly files in your application
  • Can be included in your own install routines
  • Data always up to date, when using our Web based data, as daily PAF file updates are applied
  • No Data Administration Cost for you
  • Can allow your customer to open an account, your get commission
  • Can be run in local mode when internet is not available

  Important: .NET Assembly is designed for Desktop software. It will not work in IIS, since it implements windows forms to provide Postcode Lookup functionality. For External use, simply use our SOAP Web service.

.NET Assembly Example Code

The .NET Assembly examples:

For Desktop Software

Directory Language API Used Description
NET assembly/Csharp NET Assembly ExampleC#.NET.NET AssemblyDesktop app example for FULL (With advanced search), Thoroughfare/Street and PostZon Data
NET assembly/VB NET Assembly ExampleVB.NET.NET AssemblyDesktop app example for FULL (With advanced search), Thoroughfare/Street and PostZon Data

Download Programming Examples (13Mb)

see below for list of examples