Reseller FAQ:

When do I get paid Commission for the Postcode Software?

Postcode Software, commission will be paid when over £100, at the end of each month. Or if you have opted for "Direct Contact", then your commission is deducted at the point of sale, and you pay the invoice for your customer, thus we have no direct contact with your customer.   

How do I know what I have earned?

Simply log onto the web site, under your "Reseller" tab select the "Commission" tab, this shows your outstanding commission.

My customer has lost his/her password. How do I change it?

Simply log onto the web site, select customer from left-hand menu, the password is displayed in the Account details

How do I install on Desktop Software on customer remote Laptops?

Simply copy the installed directory, ZipPostcodeLookup directory by default, from network to Laptop

Run ClientInstall.exe.   This will install all necessary files on Laptop and put in startup group

How do I un-install the Desktop software?

Simply run "UnInstallClient.exe" from the installed directory, ZipPostcodeLookup directory by default, from PC

To un-install from network after un-installing each PC.  Simply delete the ZipPostcodeLookup directory.

License Renewals Report:

A report is available, under “Reseller >> Reports” tab, which lists all your postcode lookup software customers those license is due to expire.

Reseller Renewal report

Simply click on [Renew] to create a new activation code, to extend the license by one year, which takes you through a similar process to above. This can be created a few weeks before the license expires.