Postcode Programming API  Simply Postcode Software JSON/JSONP Web Service

Simply Postcode Lookup JSON/JSONP Web service offers a simple way to interact with our postcode address lookup service. A simple web request URL returns JSON which can be read by almost any programming language.   This service provides up to date Royal Mail address information, that is updated daily.

This data source can be used by any web server or programming language that supports a server-side scripting language that can parse JSON/JSONP data, to provide Postcode Software Lookup and Nearest Store locator within your software/Web site.

The service is available across a simple HTTP protocol. Each request is a standard HTTP GET request with the query string forming the request parameters, and returns the address Lookup information as JSON/JSONP data feed.

JSON/JSONP Web Service Offers:

JSON/JSONP Web Service Features

The JSON/JSONP Web Service has the following features:

  • Daily updated Data from Royal Mail
  • Platform/Language independent
  • Offers full access to all data we provide (Full/Thoroughfare/Geographic Longitude and Latitude)
  • Data always up to date
  • No Data Administration Cost for you
  • Advanced Word Search on Address Data