Create Customer from Online Reseller Account

To register a customer, to receive a commission, simply log onto your account and press [Add new Customer] under the "Reseller" tab. Then create the customer account. You and the customer will be sent an e-mail, unless you have opted for direct Contact, which contains their License ID/Data Keys.

The License ID is then used by the Desktop software to identify the customer (see below).   

The Data Keys are needed when accessing the data via one of our programming methods or Web Pop-ups.

Simply Postcode Customer list

If a customer should already have created an account, then please raise a support question with as much detail as possible to identify them, we can then link them to your account, and if need be backdate the commission.

Use License ID for our Desktop software

Install desktop postcode software on the customer’s site.

For our Desktop Software, simply enter the License ID and Password for the account to Identify the account you have created under your reseller account.

Reseller ledger