Simply Postcode Software Reseller/Affiliate Opportunities

15% commission for first sale and annual renewals for any of our postcode lookup software. Such as Desktop, Web and Programming interfaces.

We offer 15% profit margin as a reseller!

Simply click on link below to open a reseller account. This will give you 30 day, no obligation, free trial of our Postcode Software.  If you already have an account with us, then it will be converted to a reseller account.

Reseller features

Our Desktop, Web and Programming interface offers up to date Royal Mail Address data, which you as a reseller can earn 15% commission from the First Sale and Yearly Renewals either by:

Selling our Desktop/Web Software Direct to your customer

Resellers can open accounts on behalf of the end customer, and opt to:

  • be invoiced, you then invoice the end customer
  • have the customer invoiced directly by us. The reseller then receives the commission at the end of each month, when over £100.

Integrating our Functionality into your software

Offer the end-user the option of opening an account when they activate your software.  See the section below.  The Reseller then receives the commission at the end of each month when over £100.

Put a link on your Web site/News Letter to receive a commission.

We can generate a special "Promotion Code", which you offer to the end-user as a "10% off first purchase". When the end-user enters this code, then you earn the commission on first purchase and all renewals.

“Customer Reseller Portal” giving you total control

Reseller Customer Portal We offer a Reseller Web Service, to allow resellers to create customer accounts for an instant 30-day evaluation. Then when ready to do so, purchase the license. Thus allowing zero administration. See "Customer Reseller Portal" section of online help.

This is ideal for resellers who want to offer our services as part of an online software package. Using this the whole offering can be automated.

  Please note it is a requirement of the Royal Mail that each individual legal customer have their own account, and licenses must be bought under those accounts.

How to create customers under your reseller account

As mentioned above we offer several different methods of allowing a reseller to create customer accounts for use with postcode finder address services.

The data key is then e-mailed to the end customer.  They should then be able to put that in their software to enable their account.

Create using your online account

Create a customer within your online reseller account

Create using a URL link and earn commission on accounts opened

Simply place a web link on your web site to create an account within your reseller account

Use the “Customer Reseller Portal” via SOAP Web Service

Use the reseller portal SOAP web service to automate account creation and purchase.