Postcode Desktop Software: Local Data

Our Desktop Postcode Finder Software "Local Data" does not use Internet-based data. It is ideal for standalone computers such as till solutions, etc

  We recommend you use our web-based address data for initial testing. Then when happy download and install the local data files.

Get Started

We offer very competitive pricing for Desktop Postcode Finder Software

Simply Postcode Desktop Software: Local Data

Simply follow the next few steps:

Step 1 - Download Data

Download either:

Full Address data file and Program

(105 Mb, expands to 500Mb updated monthly)

Street Address data file and Program

(43 Mb, expands to 240Mb updated monthly)

We strongly recommend that you use the Internet based version of our Postcode Look Up Software if possible, as Royal Mail daily updates are automatic and it has the advanced word postcode search feature.

Step 2 - Open Online Account

Open an online postcode finder software account

Please read the terms and conditions when opening the account. 

Step 3 - Install

Unzip the contents of the file downloaded to a directory, either on each PC or to a shared network directory. The program requires full rights to the installed directory.

Then run "ClientInstall.exe", from the chosen installed directory, on each PC. This will place the Simply Postcode Desktop software in the start-up group, so it is always available to the user. You may be required to reboot the PC during installation.

When the first run the system will ask for an unlock code:

Add Postcode Look up License 

Please ring 01945 464854, or use contact us, for your activation code, quoting your:

  • License ID, which is on the e-mail sent to you when you opened the account and the first screen of your on-line account record.
  • Site ID, which is shown on the unlock window (see above). This is unique for each installation. So if installed on a network then the system has only one site number. If installed on separate PC's then each PC will have a different Site ID and require a different Activation code.

Very Important Very Important : Once installed the software cannot be moved, since it will affect the licensing. So choose the installation configuration and location carefully.

When going into the settings on the desktop postcode finder software, it will ask for a password. When used in local mode this password is "LocalMode".

Postcode Lookup Software License Manager

After an unlock has been applied.  The license manager will show:

The Data/License manager for Local Data (Manager.exe):

Desktop Postcode lookup License manager

Managing Local Mode Data Updates

We will send you an e-mail every month with the following links in it. To update your data:

Full Address data file

(105 Mb, expands to 500Mb updated monthly)

Street Address data file

(43 Mb, expands to 240Mb updated monthly)


Copying/Moving Installation

Once installed this type of installation SHOULD NOT BE MOVED. If it is moved then it will require a new license, which we may charge for.


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