FAQ:Royal Mail PAF daily data updates

What makes us different?

Unlike many of our competitors, who apply monthly updates, we update our data daily, direct from the Royal Mail.

The Royal Mail make hundreds, sometimes thousands, of address changes daily to the 31,618,417 million addresses in the PAF (Postcode Address File) database. The PAF file is continually updated from council property applications and the feedback from 70 thousand of postmen and women on their beat every morning.

Our servers automatically download the PAF file updates from the Royal Mail every night.  Thus our Postcode Software customers have the latest PAF file data available to them every day.  The PAF file is the most complete and up to date address database in the UK.  Being one of the worlds largest Address Databases, it is also recognised as a world-class address dataset.

The following diagram shows how the updates are passed from the feedback received by 70 thousand Royal postmen, and women, on their beat every morning.

Royal Mail PAF file daily updates

This means that you, the customer, do not have to apply periodic data updates or worry about the management of such royal mail updates, as we do that for you.   Please read some of our customer comments

Current Status of Royal Mail Daily Updates

The Royal Mail PAF database currently has 31,618,417 Addresses in 1,821,495 Postcodes (updated 27 Jan 2023 01:42)

47 Postcodes were added and addresses were added/updated in the last daily update, which takes place after every working day. With 224 Postcodes added and addresses added/updated in the last week (5 working days)

Better Data Quality:

When processing the updates from the Royal Mail we also add 9,318,929 counties designations to address records in PAF DB. Counties are not a requirement of the Royal Mail; hence many need to be added to the data.

Royal Mail Additional Data

We also offer additional data provided by the Royal Mail.

Not Yet Built (NYB):

In addition to the Postcode Address File (PAF) data, we can provide “Not Yet Built” data, currently, 775,783 extra addresses, which contain properties under construction and in the planning stage. This type of address can be useful to the construction industry. When such properties can receive mail, they are added to the PAF file by the Royal Mail. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us for a quote.

Multiple Residencies (MR):

The PAF file lists all delivery points, for mail, a letter box or group of letter boxes. This was designed to have a maximum of 100 individual addresses within one postcode.

Sometimes when multiple mailboxes exist behind a single delivery point, such as a block of flats, then you may need more detail. The Multiple Residencies database list all specific mailboxes at such addresses. It currently contains 935,710 extra addresses which expand the Royal Mail PAF file.