Using the COM Object in Local Mode

If you are using Local data, as apposed to our internet based database, then you need to specify where the data file and license is.

  We recommend you use our web based address data for initial testing. Then when happy download and install the local data files.

Step 1 Specify where Local data is


      LMSetDataPath "X:\PAFDATA" 

      SetDataKey "I"





When in local mode the Datakey is irrelevant, since the license is defined by the code entered in manager.exe (License manager, located in "X:\PAFDATA" in the above example). But we must specify “I” or “W” for Internal or External use.

Step 2 Download Local mode support files

Download the extra files to support the Local mode.

Download Local Data support files

Also required is Microsoft MDAC 2.5 or better.  Most modern Windows PC's and servers will have this loaded already.  To down load type "Microsoft mdac download" in to Google

Our install program "InstallSimplyPostcodeCOM.EXE" includes this install, this is in the root directory of the Programming Example downloads.

Step 3 Download data file

Full Address data file

(105 Mb, expands to 500Mb updated monthly)

Street Address data file

(43 Mb, expands to 240Mb updated monthly)

PostZon (Geodata) Address data file

(45 Mb, expands to 270Mb updated yearly)

Step 4 Unpack

Unzip the downloaded files to an appropriate directory. If on a network, install in a shared location, so all PC’s can see the data. Client PC’s will need full access rights to this directory.

Important : The software CANNOT BE MOVED after a license has been applied.

Step 5 Add License using manager.exe

Run MANAGER.exe at the customers site, this will display a window with a red box in it.  Or press [Add New License] button.  This is the SITE CODE, take a note of this code, as it is used to identify the site.

Next purchase an Internal user license using the online account, from within the Customers account.  Use your “Reseller >> Customer” tab to access customers account.  Skip this section for a 30 day Evaluation period.  An invoice will then be sent either to you or the customer, and the commission accounted for depending on your reseller configuration.

Next get an activation code, by ringing us, on 01945 464854, quoting the Site code and License ID,  or Contact us by clicking here.

Enter activation code in green box within manager.exe

Local mode unlock Postcode Software

Note for Resellers : We can allow you as a reseller to create the above activation code yourself. Please ring us on 01945 464854 for more details.


Data Updates

An e-mail is sent, to the registered e-mail account, when updates are ready for download.

The new data file is simply downloaded, and copied in to the specified loacl data directory.

Local Data - Example Code 

Simply download the example code.   The code is in the "COM Object/C++ COM Object","COM Object/MS Access 2000 onwards","COM Object/MS Excel using COM", "COM Object/VB6 COM Example","COM Object/VBNET COM 2005" directory of our example downloads.

You must run InstallSimplyPostcodeCOM.EXE included in the above download.

These examples demonstrate postcode lookup software using local data.

Core PAF Data

In addition to the COM object, we also provide an optimised Royal Mail PAF file data which is available to “Large Business Package” customers. Please call for prices.

More Local Mode functions

Get data last update date

Your program can access the last date updated using:

LMGetLastUpdateDate(DataType as string) as string
where DataType = F (full), T (thoroughfare) or Z (PostZon)


This returns the data the data was last updated in YYYYMMDD format. Your program could check this and ask to update, if older than 6 months for thoroughfare and PostZon, or 2 months for FULL PAF address data

License Manager functions

The License is usually managed through the use of the MANAGER.EXE program. But the programmer can incorporate the License functionality in their own application, using the calls:

LMGetSiteCode() as string
LMGetLicenseID() as Long

This returns a code. This code should be displayed, and the user quotes this number to obtain an "UnlockCode". This code is used to identify the "Site", so the code cannot be used on another network or machine.

LMTryUnlockCode(UnlockCode as string) as string

Returns "OK : Summary of License" or Error description for display, if unlock is invalid. So test for "OK" at start of string, meaning the license has been accepted.

LMGetLicienseInfo() as string

This function returns the status of data and license and should be displayed within the host application in a large text box


                    Typical Output   

                      MDAC Version:2.0.0

Data is on Machine:DEV6

License ID:16240


   Eval ALL DATA:Internal Use:5 users, expires 28 Jun 2007, ALL Areas
Data Status:

   Full PAF data present, Last updated:May 2007

       5 Internal Use users, Eval area ALL

Thorughfare (Street) PAF data present, Last updated:May 2007

   5 Internal Use users, Eval area ALL

PostZon data present, Last updated:May 2007

   5 Internal Use users, Eval area ALL


   PostZon DEV6

   Full DEV6

   Street DEV6