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And what do they say?

I found your software very easy to install onto our website, it was basically an out of the box solution and was up and running in less than an hour During the time we have been using it we have seen a vast reduction in the time wasted in trying to resolve incorrectly entered postal addresses and the fraudulent use of credit cards.


Tony HarrisPsychic Light Ltd

Our developers are delighted with how easily SimplyPostcode™ has integrated with our web based CRM solution. "We chose it in preference to one of the largest competitors on the basis of support and cost. We are also confident that SimplyPostcode™ will respect our business relationship with our customers.


Paul KingConcise CRM Solutions

We have used Simply Postcode for 6 months on our site and to enable our administration team to capture customer addresses, and find the service invaluable, as we know that all our accounts address details are being taken correctly from a central server, which ensures we get the right information first time. We also found them to be cheaper than other companies offering the same service


Toby LethbyKent Home Cinema Centre Ltd

We have used Simply Postcode's PAF look-up software (both Full Address and Street Level) on various white-label events systems for the past 5 years. Our developers have found the software very easy to integrate and implement into our web pages. The service Simply Postcode offer has been faultless and the level of customer service is excellent. If you need a 5 star rating, it has to be 5 out of 5


Dominic MillsSeeTickets.com

An outstandingly good postcode software product and service. Extremely easy to implement and integrate, it's given a big boost to conversions on our website. The price is extremely competitive - possibly the best postcode lookup tool on the market today.” Rating would be 5 out of 5.


Clifford JamesCEO & Founder

I am massively impressed with the speed of your response and the fact that you are prepared to do this change in response to our support issues. I was already impressed with your products and customer service, and I am now even more so.


PhilFactorlogic Limited