FAQ: Postcode Address Finder Software Reliability

We provide the Postcode Address Finder Software for many prestigious companies which rely on the reliability of our web servers.

These customers include Ancestry.com, Jack Wills Ltd, ASDA, Homebase, Amnesty International, National Windscreens, Samaritans...   read more postcode address finder customer comments

Address Finder Software Server Reliability

Reliability you can count on:

  • We use high specification Azure servers, running in two completely different locations in Europe. These two servers provide our Postcode Address Finder data via the Internet.
  • The typical response is less than 100ms.
  • Three servers, in different countries, monitor the performance of our web servers, to direct the web traffic to the most capable server.
  • We use AnyCast DNS servers to give 15+ geographically distributed DNS. This greatly increases fault tolerance and performance.

In the unlikely event of a server failure, the monitoring servers direct the web traffic to the active server only, thus guaranteeing 99.99% uptime Postcode Address Finder Software.

Simply postcode Software Server Reliability
Our Address Web Service
on autonomous data servers
in separate locations  


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