Angular Postcode Address Finder

Using this Angular Full Address Web Postcode Finder, the user:

  1. Enters postcode to search for
  2. Presses Search button
  3. Presents a list of addresses at postcode entered
  4. Address is selected by user
  5. Full address for selection is returned

Demo of Angular

Click below to see a Demo of our Angular Postcode Address Finder

Structure of Angular Postcode Finder Example

The above Postcode Finder Example demo has the following Angular Page structure:

The Postcode Finder functionality is provided by a service SPLpostcodeSearchService in the file app/servies/splpostcode-search.service.ts.

Demonstration Video

   Simply Postcode: Angular Postcode Address Finder
  0:00 Open demo project
  0:30 Trial Setup + Add Datakey
  1:42 Start web server
  2:00 Functionality Demo
  3:50 Company name
  3:24 Component Structure
  4:00 Code walkthrough

Angular Postcode Address Finder installed Quickly

The above Angular Postcode Address Finder functionality can be added to a Angular Project in an hour or two.   


  • Uses Angular to populate web page, for a smooth customer experience
  • Daily Updated Royal Mail Data
  • "Out of the box" Postcode Address Search solution
  • Quick to install, Simply add a few files into your Angular Web project
  • Will run on all Web servers
  • Not blocked by Pop-up blockers
  • No Data Administration Cost for you
  • Latest up to date UK Royal Mail data from our reliable web servers
  • Special test postcodes to test your Angular postcode address finder


Knowledge of Angular.  

Requires FormsModule and HttpClientModule in Angular project.  

Angular Postcode Address Finder in 5 steps:

Step 1 Sign up for 30 day trial

Simply use the "Sign Up for Trial" link at top right of this page to open a trial account.   We will then send you a data key, which is used to identify your account, when using the following service.

Step 2 Download the Example Code 

Simply download the example code.  The code is in the "Angular Postcode Address Finder" directory of our example downloads.   Download code

Step 3 Add Datakey to code 

Open Angular example in something like Visual Studio Code. Add you DataKey to src/app/services/splpostcode-search.service.ts

Step 4 Run example

In the terminal enter ng serve --open to run example code

Step 5 Watch Demo/Walk through Video

Watch the video above to fully understand the Angular example code

Step 6 Move code to your own App

Use the provided code and explanation to implement in your own app.

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