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    Postcode finder using data supplied by royal mail

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Postcode Programming API  Optimised Royal Mail PAF Data file:

We supply the Royal Mail PAF (Postcode Address File) file in a simple optimised text file. This version of the PAF data file is optimised for easy word indexing, using whichever SQL server you prefer for your own bespoke use.

Simply import the PAF data file into your own database table. Add your own indexes to aid searching within your address table to give Royal Mail PAF data.

Please note: We only license the optimised PAF data file for our "Large business packages" license. This is for 30-300+ internal users, or unlimited domain. Please call for the price of these licenses.

The following sections list how to use each PAF file for:

Full Version of optimised Royal Mail PAF data file

The full version of this optimised PAF data file will be available to you after you have purchased a Large business package license.   Please call for price.

Monthly PAF updates

We then offer monthly updates to the optimised PAF data file, derived from the Royal Mail daily updates we receive.

You will receive an e-mail when an update is available for download.

Fast Import

The "Full Address" Royal Mail PAF data file is very large, and complicated to import. Our optimised version of the PAF data file is easily imported into two database fields, one for Postcode, and the other for the Full Royal Mail PAF data record.

This can be done in 10 minutes using the MS SQL text file importer. Then simply add a word search index to the Full Royal Mail Address data field. Either search by postcode or any word field in the second PAF data field.

Please note: In accordance with Royal Mail Terms and Conditions, and in our own Terms and Conditions this data must not be used without a valid contract to do so.