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    Postcode finder using data supplied by royal mail
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Simply Postcode FAQ  FAQ:What is the different between Full/Thoroughfare Address data

We offer two levels of postcode address finder database:

Full PAF Address search

Thoroughfare/Street PAF Address search

the differences are explained in detail below:

What is Full Address?

Full PAF Address information

Returns Full address record from Postcode.  The user enters a Postcode, and is presented with a list of all Buildings, within the matching Postcode.   The user then selects address from list.

Full PAF (Royal Mail) license being used

When using the FULL Address PAF license selects the address from list

video  Tutorial Video : Show me Full Address data in action

When used within an organisation (internal use), this type of license offer "Advanced Address Word search"

What is Thoroughfare/Street Address?

Having entered the postcode to search for, this returns partial address from given Postcode. The user then must enter the premises name/number for the postal address manually. This Thoroughfare Address license is half the price of FULL address, but not so convenient since the user has to type the Name or Number of building.  

thoroughfare PAF (Royal Mail) license being used

When using the thoroughfare address license the user must enter the building name or number, before using the address

The Desktop Client can be forced to always use a Thoroughfare Address License by selecting "Options >> Use Thoroughfare License" menu. This allows some users to use Full PAF Postcode Lookup Address searching, and others to use the cheaper PAF thoroughfare licenses.

If you have only purchased a thoroughfare address license, then the Desktop software will default to thoroughfare address search.

video  Tutorial Video : Show me Thoroughfare/Street Address data in action