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Postcode Programming API  Get License Information function

This call allows the Reseller to check a customer Internet based license, to make sure the customer is attached to them as Reseller, and check demo status.  

It should be called after setting the Datakey, with the type of search you are interested in testing.  F=Full Address, T=Throughfare Address, Z=PostZon


SimplyPostCodeLookup.SetDataKey (Me.txtDataKey)
SimplyPostCodeLookup.GetInternetLicenseDetails SearchType$, errormessage$, validlicense$,
                 licensestatustext$, _ ondemo$, demoarea$, demoexpire$, REID$

Dim t$
t = "errormessage:" & errormessage & vbCrLf
t = t & "validlicense:" & validlicense & vbCrLf
t = t & "licensestatustext:" & licensestatustext & vbCrLf
t = t & "ondemo:" & ondemo & vbCrLf
t = t & "demoarea:" & demoarea & vbCrLf
t = t & "demoexpire:" & demoexpire & vbCrLf
t = t & "Reseller ID:" & REID & vbCrLf
MsgBox t


Name Description
errormessage Description of error if fails
validlicense “yes” if a license exist for this user for SearchType, else "no"
licensestatustext Text describing the license and its status
ondemo “yes” if on demo, else "no"
demoarea Postcode area of demo
demoexpire Date demo will expire if on demo 
REID Reseller ID if with a resller

An account can have a valid license and still be on evaluation. Thus allowing a user to test another service, as well as having an actual license. But if a valid license is found, for SearchType, then “ondemo” will be “no”.