I get a directory rights error when started

This can happen for two reasons:

Installation has been moved

This is usually caused by moving the installation directory without first uninstalling the application.

To Fix:

1) Run “UnInstallClient.exe” from the installed directory

2) Reboot PC

3) Run “ClientInstall.exe” from the installed directory

When running the ClientInstall.exe

The install needs to access the network directory while elevated as Administrator.

Answer 1 - Enable "Linked Connections" Group Policy on Server (Recommended)

This can be done in a number of ways on the server. Please see:

Enable Linked Connections

Mapped drives are not available from an elevated prompt when UAC is configured to "Prompt for credentials" in Windows

Now reboot client PC's for change to take affect.

Rights to installed directory are not full

Need to, find folder "installed directory" in explorer.  The directory is shown in the error message. Either a network PATH or C:\Program Files(x86).

Right click on folder in Windows Explorer and select properties.

Select "Security tab"

Press [Edit] button

Press [Add]

Enter "Everyone"

Rights to Postcode Desktop Software

Press [OK]

Select "Everyone" on list.

Tick "Full Control"

Press [Apply]