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    Postcode finder using data supplied by royal mail
Updated Daily

Royal Mail “Powered by PAF” - the best address data available

The PAF address data we supply is provided to us by the Royal Mail Address Management unit. It is regarded in the UK as the best source of postcode to address, or address to postcode data available. The Royal Mail collect information from Local Authorities, and feedback from 70 thousand postmen, and women whilst on their morning beat. Thus the Postcode Address File has thousands of additions and corrections to it every day. On everage 6,000 changes per day.

Every night we download these UK Postcode Address changes and apply to our copy of the Postcode Address File, ready for users the next day, using our Powered by PAF postal software.  

more about Royal Mail PAF data updates

SimplyPostcode™ is Powered by PAF 

Our Postcode Finder Software, for your web site, and our desktop Postcode Lookup Software uses the “Powered by PAF” royal mail data.   They fetch address data from our web server, in the blink of an eye, and always upto date because they are updated daily from royal mail PAF.

We also provide an optimised version of the PAF data file for larger a customer which is cheaper than buying direct from the royal mail.