Not Yet Built™ - Royal Mail Prepares to Introduce Not Yet Built™ Database

3-Dec-2012 SimplyPostcode™

The Address Management Unit (AMU) prepares to introduce the new ‘Not Yet Built™’ licence.

Royal Mail often receives enquiries from customers who are unable to order goods to be delivered, because their address is not registered on Postcode Address File (PAF).  One common reason for this is that their address is a new property and is not listed on the PAF as this only contains valid delivery points.   The PAF excludes addresses of properties that are under construction, these are not registered until they are ready to receive a delivery of mail.

However, this process can be very frustrating for customers wishing to place orders for the delivery of goods to their new homes or the trades involved in constructing the new property.  One answer is the Not Yet Built™ file, which is maintained by the AMU.  This database contains details from Local Authorities of properties that are in the planning or construction stage, through to the point of becoming an active delivery point.

Whenever a new residential or commercial property receives planning permission, the local authority will assign a house name and a street name before coming to Royal Mail to ask for a postcode. Royal Mail captures all of these address and postcode details on our Not Yet Built™ database.

The Not Yet Built™ database will help to identify new building developments and the new customers and allow you to be able to identify homes, offices and business parks during the planning and construction phases.

The Not Yet Built™ database gives details of properties that are being built or are scheduled to be built in the future, which will make this data especially beneficial if you are involved in property and construction. Whether you are a developer, builder, materials supplier, utility company, landscape gardener or financial services provider offering mortgage and credit cards, you’ll find Not Yet Built™ a valuable marketing asset. 

The database will hold around 250,000 to 300,000 records but will be constantly changing depending the number of properties under construction.  The Not Yet Built ™ database will be updated monthly and once a property is built and able to receive mail it will be transferred to the Just Built™ and PAF® databases.

Not Yet Built™ includes data for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland but excludes Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man.