Property Postcodes – The Best & Worst!

5-March-2012 SimplyPostcode™

Moving and buying a house is well known to be in the top 5 most stressful things in life. Today, this stress is only increased with the importance of where you buy a house becoming so much more significant. Your property location is marked by a postcode and this can have a massive impact on how you and your family live your daily lives.

The old saying location, location, location has never been truer with the postcodes being used by many organisations from the police and NHS to schools and insurance providers.

House Prices

The price you pay for a house will also be determined by postcode; simply by submitting a postcode to any online estate agent website you can get detailed house price data that was once only available to estate agents and mortgage lenders. Whether you want to see what your neighbor paid or want to get an online valuation for yourself, it’s so easy.

Postcode Crime Rates

A more important feature of a property’s postcode includes crime rates. Again this can now be easily checked by typing a postcode into a website to see what type of crimes happen in your postcode area and on your street. The type of crime from burglary to anti social behavior is listed and may have an impact on where you want to buy your next home.

Flood Risk by Postcodes

Another aspect that in recent years has become more widespread is the risk of flooding to a property. We have all seen the tragic pictures on TV of towns and villages submerged under water. A simple postcode check for flood risk is worth every second of your time. Over 5 million people in England and Wales live and work in properties that are at risk of flooding from rivers or the sea.

Other Postcode Dilemmas

Schools, doctors and NHS treatment all use postcodes in their selection processes. There is a great deal of competition involved when selecting the best schools for children and who gets what treatment from the NHS. Insurance providers also depend on postcodes when gives quotes for car insurance and house insurance.
Even how much you earn will be decided partly by your postcode, with the wealthiest postcodes being in London and the South East where they have the highest percentage of households earning more than £100,000. Britain's poorest postcode is in Newcastle with the lowest average household incomes being found in the North of England.

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