Postcode Data Vs Email Addresses:

5-April-2012 SimplyPostcode™

Analysing the areas where your recipients live can tell you about the kinds of customers they may be and help to predict their shopping preferences.


A postcode can tell you a wealth of information including the tax band, average age, ethnicity and average household income. It can also predict stress caused by potential financial issues. However, this sort of knowledge has to be built up over time when it comes to email marketing and there are more instant conclusions that can be drawn from physical addresses.

Email Data

Analysing the data you have creates a clear view of your mail recipients, meaning you can tailor your message to communicate appropriately. In turn, this can increase response rates and boost return on investment. It also allows for successful data cleansing.
There are six main areas to look at when analysing address data:

1. Identify the areas where your potential customers live
2. Look at the different catchment areas - what social, geographic and business features characterise the area?
3. What competitors are there in this area, and how could they act?
4. List the marketing opportunities available in this area
5. Compare the different catchment areas for your campaigns and rank them
6. Strip out data that is out of date and compile a report for your whole marketing team to use

Cleaning Data

Data is constantly changing and one key to marketing success is adapting to this change. It is vital to give your data regular ‘health checks’ to make sure your marketing is efficient. This is also an important factor when it comes to email marketing; email addresses may be dropped, deleted or duplicated without proper address list management.
Your customers can create and delete emails however frequently they choose - but home addresses are much more likely to stay the same for longer periods of time. The down side is that collecting postcodes and addresses and maintaining the data is a continuous process, and requires the utmost dedication. This picture of your customers is an extremely valuable one, whether you are sending out a mailshot of a personalised letter by post. Both mediums are extremely useful ways of communicating and used in the most appropriate ways, they could both deliver excellent results.

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