Nearest Store Locator Software – What Does It Mean to You?:

2-Nov-2011 SimplyPostcode™

Nearest Store Locator software is a great addition to any website and helps improve customer experience. However what is it, how does it work and what benefits are there from getting it installed?

The nearest store locator software for websites uses geographical data to provide customers a means of finding their nearest store or service when they give their home address.

Postzon Data

Nearest Store Locator Software uses Royal Mail Postzon data, this ‘allows you to link geographic and administrative data from government bodies, such as local authorities and NHS for all Postcodes in the UK’ said the Royal Mail. The software uses longitude and latitude that Postzon geographical data returns for given postcode.

However this software can be added without Postzon, where you use a simple web template which when added to a site provides the store locator software. The list of stores are uploaded to a server using a simply Excel template.

Example of Nearest Store Locator

Nearest Store Locator

Benefits of Nearest Store Locator

Why is it important to install? There is a potential of losing a sale when providing only one purchase option, however you can help the sale by pointing out where the nearest store is and also how to get there. Encouraging the potential customer to come in store might also generate more sales in the long run. Other benefits of adding Nearest Store Locator Software include the following;

• Creates a better customer experience by helping them to quickly find their nearest stockist, twenty-four hours a day every day.

• Can help to filter enquiries by identifying the nearby sales agents based on distance from the customer

• Provides reliable delivery costs as it works out mileage from customers to depot helping to provide consistent pricing

• Makes your site look and feel professional. Adds prestige and value to your website by making it more useful to your visitors and by projecting a more professional image of your business operation.

• The store finder software can support thousands of outlets allowing it to grow as your business grows. Managing the retail outlets is a trivial matter involving updating a simple Excel spreadsheet.

• Store Finder allows you to save time and money by taking over the role normally fulfilled by you or your employees taking endless phone calls to direct clients to their nearest point of sale.

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