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    Postcode finder using data supplied by royal mail
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  Nearest Store Data Structure

Our "Nearest Store" database structure is:

YourIDYour identifier, you can use to get full record from your database.
PostCodeThe Postcode of your store.
Please note PO BOxs are not supported as they have no location
YourData1This can be loaded with any text you want to display. This could be loaded with the ID of your record, full address, directions, etc.
This data is then merged with your template to expand to full HTML
YourData2As YourData1
YourData3As YourData1
YourData4As YourData1
YourData5As YourData1
YourData6As YourData1
If using filters then can stop details being shown on pin click if set to "NODETAILS". This allows control over each Pin
YourData7As YourData1
YourData8As YourData1
LongitudeWe populate this for you when added to database
LatitudeWe populate this for you when added to database
DataAddedDate added to database.
We assign this when added.
TypeCan be used to filter out certain kinds of locations, in nearest list and show different icons on a map

Optional Char [See Example 5]

TypeFilter will optionally filter out records from the nearest list. You could use "A" for major stores, "B" small stores and "C" for Petrol stations. Then if displayed on map they could all have different Pins. The actual list returned could only include "AB", so the petrol stations would not be listed.

This field could also be loaded with codes, which relate to qualifications. Then the service is called with the type code (qualification code) to product a list of nearest consultants with curtail qualifications.
AreaAllows you to display all Stores in a certain area.

Optional String (2)

To display a map for Area simple call theGetNearestToPostCodeTemplateAndMapwith ExtraFlags="AreaCode=Area" the TargetPostcode should be set to center the map
[See Example 6,7]