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    Postcode finder using data supplied by royal mail

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  “PostZon” Geographic Data - SOAP API

To get a "Postzon" Geographical Data address from our SOAP Web Service we do the following:

The following example calls our server to retrieve the PostZon address data for a given postcode, OSRef, Longitude/Latitude or Town.  It also returns the Distance in Km between two postcodes if HomePostcode is set.

Step 1 Add SOAP reference to your project

The following web references give access to our SOAP web service

.NET Web Reference


WSDL Web Reference


You should add this SOAP reference to your project.

Step 2 Call SOAP Web Service to get PostZon Data

The following code will call the SOAP Web Service to return "Postzon" Geographical Data for a given postcode.

Dim HomePostcode as string ="PE132QL"
Dim PostcodeToGet as string = "PE132XQ"
Dim PostcodeSearch As New PostcodeWebService.WebService
Dim Address As PL_AddressRecord

'Ask for Address by ID
Address = PostcodeSearch.SearchForPostZonData(“My DataKey”, “TestComputer", "UK", PostcodeToGet,

If Address.AddressRecordGotWithoutError Then
   'Display results
   If Address.ErrorMessage <> "" Then MsgBox(Address.ErrorMessage)

      'Process the Address to text field
      Dim AddressText As String
      With Address
         AddressText + = "Longitude:" & .longitude_WGS84 & vbCrLf
         AddressText + = "Latitude:" & .latitude_WGS84 & vbCrLf
         AddressText + = "Distance Km:" & .GeoDistanceToHomePostcode & vbCrLf
      End With
      Me.TxtAddress.Text = AddressText
      'Display error (Account stuff mostly, i.e. No License)
End If

  C# .NET
uk.co.simplylookupadmin.www.WebService PostcodeSearch = new uk.co.simplylookupadmin.www.WebService();
uk.co.simplylookupadmin.www.PL_AddressRecord AddressesDataReturned = new

string datakey = Request.QueryString["datakey"].ToString();
string postcode = Request.QueryString["postcode"].ToString();
string userid = Request.QueryString["userid"].ToString();
string homepostcode = Request.QueryString["homepostcode"].ToString();

//Please note: Section 3.5 of the terms and conditions state: "The Customer, when using the Postcode Lookup service via Web Service, must make sure each user is identified by a unique computer name, in each call to the Web Service." In simple language this means that each user must be identified by a unique username.

//If the postcode address search is for External use then SET ComputerName = ""

//Do Search, on Postcode or two or more address fields
AddressesDataReturned = PostcodeSearch.SearchForPostZonData(datakey, userid, "UK", postcode,

if (AddressesDataReturned.AddressRecordGotWithoutError == true)
   //Display results, no major error
   this.TxtResults.Text = AddressesDataReturned.ErrorMessage;

   string AddressText;
   AddressText = "Status:" + AddressesDataReturned.CreditsStatusText + "\n" + "\n";

   AddressText += "MailSort:" + AddressesDataReturned.MailSort + "\n";
   AddressText += "longitude_WGS84:" + AddressesDataReturned.longitude_WGS84 + "\n";
   AddressText += "latitude_WGS84:" + AddressesDataReturned.latitude_WGS84 + "\n";
   AddressText += "UK_os_reference:" + AddressesDataReturned.UK_os_reference + "\n";
   AddressText += "UK_OS_grid_east:" + AddressesDataReturned.UK_OS_grid_east + "\n";
   AddressText += "UK_OS_grid_north:" + AddressesDataReturned.UK_OS_grid_north + "\n";
   AddressText += "UK_NHS_code:" + AddressesDataReturned.UK_NHS_code + "\n";
   AddressText += "UK_NHS_region:" + AddressesDataReturned.UK_NHS_region + "\n";
   AddressText += "UK_country:" + AddressesDataReturned.UK_country + "\n";
   AddressText += "UK_IntroductionDate:" + AddressesDataReturned.UK_IntroductionDate + "\n";
   AddressText += "UK_county:" + AddressesDataReturned.UK_county + "\n";
   AddressText += "UK_district:" + AddressesDataReturned.UK_district + "\n";
   AddressText += "UK_ward:" + AddressesDataReturned.UK_ward + "\n";
   AddressText += "UK_wardstatus:" + AddressesDataReturned.UK_wardstatus + "\n";
   AddressText += "UK_county:" + AddressesDataReturned.UK_county + "\n";
   AddressText += "UK_gridstatus:" + AddressesDataReturned.UK_gridstatus + "\n";

   // long Distance = 0;

   // to do AddressesDataReturned.GeoDistanceToHomePostcode is a string and needs type casting?

   //If (length(AddressesDataReturned.GeoDistanceToHomePostcode)>0) Then
   // Distance = (long)(AddressesDataReturned.GeoDistanceToHomePostcode);
   // AddressText += "Distance:" + Distance + " km " + (long)(Distance / 1.609344) + " miles" + "\n";

   this.TxtResults.Text = AddressText;
   //Display error (Account stuff mostly)
   this.TxtResults.Text = AddressesDataReturned.ErrorMessage;

Where PostcodeSearch is a web reference to: http://www.SimplyLookupadmin.co.uk/WebService.asmx

Data Returned

See data returned by PostZon data

more information about getting distance/Longitude/Latitude using SOAP web service.