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    Postcode finder using data supplied by royal mail

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  “PostZon” Geographic Data - .Net Assembly API

Simply call GetPostZonAddressRecord (Postcode) as Boolean

This call will retrieve the PostZon Data for a given Postcode, OSRef, Longitude/Latitude or "Town, County". This PostZon data is collected from many different source by the Royal mail. The most useful information is Distance from Home Postcode (in Kilometers), Longitude and Latitude.

  This call can be used with Local Data or Internet based data. 

To get the PostZon record by OSRef, simply set postcode to the OSRef, when calling GetPostZonData.

To get the PostZon record by Longtitude/Latitude, (closest within 10Km) set postcode to the "Longtitude|Latitude" (separated by |).

Postcode Lookup Example:

This code will get PostZon data from our database:

'Set Data key, to identify your account
SimplyPostCodeLookup.SetDataKey("Your Date Key")

With SimplyPostCodeLookup
   'Set optional Home Postcode to get straight line distance

   If .GetPostZonAddressRecord(Me.txtPostcode.Text) Then
      Long = .PostZon_Longitude_wgs84
      Lat = .PostZon_Latitude_wgs84
      Distance = .PostZon_DistanceToHomePostcode

      MsgBox(.General_credits_display_text & vbCrLf & .General_errormessage, vbCritical,
                           "SimplyPostcode Lookup")

   End If

   Me.Text = "Simply Postcode Lookup : " & .General_credits_display_text
End With

  C# .NET
 //Set Data key, to identify your account
string DataKey;
DataKey = "Your Date Key";

//Set optional Home Postcode to get straight line distance
string OptionalHomePostCode =txtHomePostcode.Text;

string PostCodeToFind = txtPostcode.Text;
if (SimplyPostCodeLookup.GetPostZonAddressRecord(PostCodeToFind) == true)
   //Return PostZon data
   Lat = SimplyPostCodeLookup.PostZon_Latitude_wgs84;
   Long = SimplyPostCodeLookup.PostZon_Longitude_wgs84;
   Distance = SimplyPostCodeLookup.PostZon_DistanceToHomePostcode;
   if (SimplyPostCodeLookup.General_errormessage != "")
      MessageBox.Show(SimplyPostCodeLookup.General_credits_display_text + " " + 
                    SimplyPostCodeLookup.General_errormessage, "Simply Postcode Lookup");

      MessageBox.Show("Not found!");

this.Text = "Simply Postcode Lookup : " + SimplyPostCodeLookup.General_credits_display_text;

To get distance between two points

Simply call:

GetDistance(Latitude1, Longtitude1, Latitude2, Longtitude2) As Double

Data Returned

See data returned by Geographical data

more information about getting distance/Longitude/Latitude using .NET assembly.