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    Postcode finder using data supplied by royal mail

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  “PostZon” Geographic Data - JSON API

To get a "Postzon" Geographical Data, including the distance between two postcodes, from our JSON Web Service we do the following:

Call JSONService/JSONSearchForPostZonData.aspx to get PostZon record

This call will retrieve the PostZon Data for a given Postcode, OSRef, Longtitude/Latitude or by Town. This PostZon data is collected from many different source by the Royal mail. The most useful information is Distance (in Km) from Home Postcode, Longitude and Latitude.


Call JSON web service with your data key, which is e-mail to you when you open an account, and postcode.

www.simplylookupadmin.co.uk/JSONservice/JSONSearchForPostZonData.aspx?datakey=Your Data Key&postcode=pe132ql&homepostcode=BS20 6EL


"credits_display_text":"Evaluation expires 31 Mar 2011",
"pz_district":"UD,Fenland District",
"pz_ward":"GT,Medworth Ward",
"pz_usertype":"0,Small User",
"pz_gridstatus":"1,Within building",
"pz_nhs_code":"Q35,East of England",

If address returned then <found>=1, else <found>=0,error in <errormessage>

  Note: The pz_geodistancetohomepostcode element contains the distance between:

  • &postcode=PE132QL
  • &homepostcode=BS20 6EL

Expressed in the parameters. If the optional &homepostcode parameter is omitted then this will be 0.

Data Returned

See data returned by Geographical data

more information about getting distance/Longitude/Latitude using JSON web service.